Care and Wash Cross Stitch

Care Instructions – Cross Stitch Pieces

  • Always take special care to keep your work clean. Wash hands frequently to prevent body oils from staining the fabric.
  • Keeping your project protected from dust, insects and an accidental spill is easy to do. Store your working project in DMC’s Needlework Project Keeper.

Washing Instructions

  • Always wash each cross-stitched piece separately. DO NOT wash with any other embroidery project or laundry items.
  • Wash in cold water (tap water is fine unless you have very hard water, then you will want to use distilled water). Make sure the sink and any containers you will use are clean.
  • Pre-rinse the piece under cold running water.
  • Mix in a small amount of mild detergent or dishwashing liquid. DO NOT use specially formulated wool wash, harsh detergents, or chlorine bleach, gently wash.
  • Rinse several times in cold water. Do not worry if water becomes colored when washing, continue rinsing piece until water runs clear.
  • Roll the piece between two clean towels squeezing gently without wringing. DO NOT allow the embroidery to touch upon itself.
  • Unroll towels and spread flat to dry on a fresh towel or drying rack. Let the piece air dry until it is just damp but not dripping wet so that it can be ironed.
  • To iron your washed piece, place the cross stitch face down between two clean towels (the towels protect your stitches from being crushed) and press lightly with a warm iron. NEVER use a hot iron.
  • To remove creases or fold lines use the steam setting on your iron.
  • DO NOT use protective coating sprays or other products of this type on your cross-stitched piece as they may cause a chemical reaction with the thread dyes.
  • It is NOT recommended that your cross-stitched piece be dry-cleaned.

Washing Instructions - Stamped Cross-Stitch

It is not recommended that you launder stamped pieces, due to the nature of the beautifully imprinted designs. If a stain does get on your fabric, gently spot clean it by blotting it with a clean cloth using a mild detergent. DO NOT immerse the designs in water, and DO NOT dry-clean them. By keeping your hands and work area clean during stitching, your pieces should remain in good condition and not need any type of cleaning.