Half Cross Stitch Toolkit

Let's Cover the Supplies…


The Thread

The thread you’ll be using is DMC Pearl Cotton #5. This colorfast fade resistant thread, made from 100% Egyptian cotton, is the best quality needlework thread available. Pearl  Cotton is non-divisible, meaning you don’t need to separate the strands, and double mercerized which gives it its beautiful lustrous sheen. DMC Pearl Cotton #5 comes in 292 solid colors and 12 variegated colors. There is also 36 Pearl Variation Colors, a collection of soft multi-colors with the look of over dyed thread.


The Needle

For the half cross stitch technique you will be using a size DMC size 22 Tapestry Needle. It has an elongated eye for easy threading, and the blunt point will guide smoothly through the holes in the Aida fabric.


The Fabric

The fabric you will be stitching on is 14-count DMC Aida. This fabric is ideal for the half cross stitch technique. The precise square patterned weave makes DMC fabric ideal for your Pearl Cotton to glide through.