Care and Washing your Tatted Pieces

Maintenance and Laundering Tatted Pieces

From time to time white cotton tattings will need cleaning, as exposure to light will cause white cotton to turn yellow. To remove dirt and stains, float the tattings in a lukewarm Ivory soap solution for an hour. DO NOT rub or squeeze. Rinse thoroughly by letting clean water run through generously. Prepare an all fabric whitener solution in a bowl by following directions given on the package. White cotton will tolerate bleach, but it may remove the lovely sheen of the cotton at the same time. Float the tattings in the whitener and cover bowl with tin foil to keep the light out for one hour or until all have returned to their original color.

Rinse thoroughly and place on a dry towel. Roll towel to keep light out and place in a well ventilated area. When dry, press and open up all picots with large tapestry needle.