Starching Your Tatted Pieces


To starch your finished tatting projects use any powder starch and follow directions given on package for light, medium or heavy starching. When tattings are dry after laundering as above, place in lukewarm starch solution for one hour. DO NOT squeeze. Place wet tattings on dry towel and roll towel to keep light out. When tattings are towel-dry, press and open up all picots with a large tapestry needle. Hang tattings in a well-ventilated area so that starch can dry and harden. DMC does not recommend starching colored items.

  • Hand wash the tatting in lukewarm water with a mild soap, such as Woolite or Ivory soap. Rinse the tatting in cool water, then blot it dry with a towel. Lay the tatting on a flat surface and let it air dry. Do not machine wash or dry the tatting under any circumstance.
  • Make a mixture out of starch and water to stiffen the tatting for your lace project. Mix 1/4 cup of starch with 1 cup of water for light stiffness, 1/2 cup starch to 1 cup water for medium stiffness, or 1 cup starch to 1 cup water for a very stiff tatting.
  • Immerse the tatting in the starch liquid. Let the tatting soak in the liquid until it is saturated with the mixture.
  • Remove the tatting from the starch mixture. Lay the tatting on a towel that has been laid out on a flat surface, and let it set for 15 minutes.
  • Place a piece of waxed paper that is larger than the tatted piece, on a piece of card board.
  • Lay the tatting on the waxed paper. Shape the tatting by working from the center out. Use stainless steel straight pins to pin the tatting to the cardboard. Let the tatting set until it is completely dry.
  • Take the pins from the tatting. Display or store your tatting. Wash and starch the tatting frequently to keep it from yellowing.