You will need a few basic supplies to get you started with your tatting project:

Tatting Shuttle

The shape of the shuttle is important for your tatting project as a good shuttle contributes to the ease of completing your project. The Tatting Shuttle consists of two boat-shaped blades, pointed at the ends and joined in the middle. The shuttle should be no more than three inches long and three fourths of an inch wide. The ends of the two blades should be close enough together to prevent the thread from running out freely. This is particularly important when the work requires the simultaneous use of two shuttles. The solid part which joins the two blades must be pierced by a hole large enough for the thread to be fastened through it before being wound onto the shuttle.

The Thread

The thread to be used for tatting should be smooth and even, and must have a high twist. DMC recommends using DMC’s fine crochet cotton threads.

DMC Brilliant Tatting Cotton- Tatting Cotton is a high quality, double mercerized, six cord thread made with 100% long staple cotton.

DMC Pearl Cotton Balls- Pearl Cotton is a highly mercerized, non-divisible, lustrous 100% cotton thread. The twist of the thread is how it received its “Pearl” description.

DMC Cordonnet- Cordonnet Spécial is an excellent quality, six cord, double-mercerized 100% long stapled cotton crochet thread.

DMC Cebelia - Cebelia is a superior quality, double mercerized crochet thread made from combed cotton.