What is Tatting?

Tatting is composed of knots or stitches, and picots, which form rings and semicircles, that is done with a tatting shuttle. For most projects you will use one shuttle, some projects require two shuttles.  Single detached motifs sewn together to make patterns. Trimming clothing, ornaments, jewelry, edging furniture covers, curtains, portiers, cusion covers etc.

Tatting is made with a basic knot which is repeated over and over. It is called a Double Knot and is made in 2 steps. The left hand forms the frame over which the knots are formed. If you are left handed, simply use a reverse procedure, and the right hand will form the frame over which the knots are formed. Picots are added alongside the basic knots for decoration and joining.

Because Tatting looks so intricate, you may think it is difficult, but you will soon see that it is not difficult at all! Follow the illustrations carefully. Once you master the double knot, you can work any pattern, no matter how complicated it looks. Learn with DMC to create tatted jewelry, ornaments and other beautiful items!