Caroline Roussel

Caroline Roussel lives life to the fullest...

She is exuberant, direct and energic. Her work reflects who she is: vibrant and exploding with colours and energy, each of her creations reflects a part of her soul, her experiences of the world.

Broken egg

Caroline Roussel paints with thread.
Using just one single thread of DMC Embroidery Floss and a crochet hook, she creates a fine and delicate chain stitch called the Beauvais stitch.

Small horse

This stitch used by Caroline Roussel is the Beauvais stitch, its very fineness is what gives the detail which make her "paintings" come alive: the curve of a cheek, a limb or an eyelid. Caroline Roussel knows each of the DMC Embroidery Floss shades by heart, and many of the reds, she knows by feel!


Caroline Roussel needs to stitch, she loves to stitch, it's her oxygen, it's how she breathes. She sees moments of the world, she experiences life around her, and at the same time she is already interpreting what she sees, or what she has experienced, into a painting.

Leon Bakst