Eskimo Ornament

Materials needed:

  • Charlescraft 28 ct. Carolina Linen, 15 x 18”, Salt
  • DMC Satin Floss: 1 skein each of S310 (black), S5200 (white), S415 (light gray), S995 (turqouise), S3371 (dark brown), S434 (medium brown) S471 (light green), S726 (yellow), S666 (red)
  • DMC Memory Thread: 1 skein each of light green, white, red and turquoise
  • 6” diameter embroidery hoop
  • Size 7 embroidery needles
  • White all-purpose sewing thread
  • Polyester fiberfill


Cut an 8x8” piece from the Carolina Linen and transfer pattern to fabric using a water-soluble pencil. Stretch marked fabric in the embroidery hoop.

Referring to the Stitch List, embroider the design on the fabric using the designated number of floss strands and stitch.   The stitch list indicates the color used, how many strands of the floss are used, and corresponds to a letter of the alphabet on the pattern.

After the stitching has been completed, finish the package in the Eskimo’s hands by laying a vertical length of the light green memory thread along the center of the package, passing the ends through to the back of the embroidery and securing in place using a single strand of matching floss. Tie a 5-inch length into a bow measuring approximately 1” across. Trim excess bow ends and tack in place at top of package. 

Trim down excess fabric to within ¼” of outside line.  Cut a 6x6” piece of the Carolina linen and place the finished front and the 6x6” piece together, right sides facing. Stitch around edges of ornament, ¼” from the edges using the all-purpose thread and leaving a 1.5” opening along the bottom edge for turning.  Clip curves and turn right-side-out. Stuff lightly and hand-stitch the turning opening closed.

Cut a 30” length each of the red and turquoise memory thread, and cut 2 30” lengths of the white. Twist the 4 lengths together to make the cording. Hand-tack the cording around the edges of the finished ornament, overlapping the ends slightly. Use the excess cording to make the matching hanging loop and bow, tacking in place with matching thread.

Finished Size: Approximately 3  x 5 inches

Download project instructions (PDF)