DMC Machine Embroidery Cotton


DMC Machine Embroidery Thread is a highly mercerized 100% cotton thread. The thread is particularly appreciated for its finesse and look in machine embroidery.  Because of the high speed of present day sewing machines, DMC developed a left twist thread which is ideally suited on all makes of sewing machines. DMC Machine Embroidery Thread is available in a size 50 thread. Size 50 is a fine thread and makes for a smooth finished product, mistakes are less noticeable. When an occasional stitch should be misplaced, it is not too conspicuous with the finer thread. DMC Machine Embroidery Thread encompasses a wide range of 125 brilliant solid colors and 7 variegated colors. Features a convenient snap top spool in 547 yards.


Click here to view the DMC Machine Embroidery Thread Color Card. Please note that the resolution of your computer screen can slightly distort the color shades of the threads.

Download the full DMC Color Chart (pdf)


DMC Machine Embroidery Thread is 100% colorfast and fade resistant. The dyes in the thread provide excellent resistance to light and washing. The thread can be washed at high temperatures 95° C/203° F. Particular attention should be paid to the fabric on which the thread was embroidered. Wash your embroidery with one teaspoon of mild soap such as Orvus. After washing, gently wring it out and rinse it as many times as necessary to get the soap out of it (until the water is clear.) Use almost cold water to rinse the piece. Wrap the embroidery in a towel to remove excess water, then dry flat. Place the embroidery on a clean towel and iron on the reverse side, at the temperature setting recommended for the fabric.



DMC Machine Embroidery is a finer size 50 thread, allowing you to have great control of your embroidery. Use the thread sparingly to add details and accenting to your embroidery. Fill in large areas or create textured raised effects by building your embroidery as high as you wish by making stitches upon stitches.


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