Emma Broidery's Embroidery Stitch Tool


Emma shares her knowledge and love of embroidery in this portable reference guide that will appeal to beginners as well as experienced embroiderers. Emma Broidery’s Embroidery Stitch Tool (Everything You Need to Know to Do Basic Embroidery) provides comprehensive directions for 18 popular stitches, with photos, diagrams, written instructions and helpful tips. Other sections include fabric selection, choosing and threading needles, transferring designs, working with different threads, and how to start and stop stitching. Emma also shares her tips for successful embroidery and stitch reference guides (3 petal to 6 petal lazy daisies, scallop line, wavy line).

The 48 page spiral bound 5” x 7” book is printed in color on heavy coated paper to make it durable and portable.

Table of Contents:

  • The Joy of Embroidery
  • Selecting the Design, Colors, Threads & Stitches
  • Picking the Right Fabric
  • Threads
  • Needles and How to Thread Them
  • Embroidery Tool Kit
  • Transferring Designs
  • Starting and Stopping
  • Tips for Successful Embroidery Projects
  • 18 Stitch Instructions
  • Guides & Tools
  • Index